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iFun Screen Recorder PRO

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iFun Screen Recorder PRO is an ideal screen recorder for anyone who needs a user-friendly interface & good recording performance at the same time. It has a really good video encoder to balance video quality & output file capacity. It allows trimming recordings.


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iFun Screen Recorder PRO Review

iFun Screen Recorder is a newly launched product by iObit. The company is a recognized leader in the industry with more than 100 awards since 2004. For this review, we will describe the PRO version & its features in-depth so that you can decide whether it is worth the price.

1 iFun Screen Recorder 1 main interface

Main Interface


User Interface & Ease of Use

The user interface is one of the most essential parts of any program because it’s the first thing the user sees as soon as run the program.

2 iFun Screen Recorder 1 main interface

Main Interface after Some Screens Recordings

iFun Screen Recorder PRO has one of the easiest & beginner-friendly user interfaces. What we really like is everything has been perfectly packed into one window.

In the initial point, it has selected the full area of your screen. It will start recording as soon as you press the BIG Red REC button. There are four important buttons on the main window as well.

After you recorded some screens, It will show you all of the recordings on the main window. Topped one is the newest one. You can view the screenshots & screen recordings by switching between two tabs which are Videos & Screenshots.


Features of iFun Screen Recorder PRO

iFun Screen Recorder PRO comes with all the required features that a regular user need.


Flexible Screen Capture

You can select the area according to 3 options before you start the recording. The Full Screen mode will automatically select the entire screen. It also allows you to select fixed aspect ratios such as 4:3 & 16:9.

It has another option called Select Region that will intelligently select the area of the window you pick. But when we testing noticed that it’s not select the area accurately. However, you are able to adjust the width & height as you wish.

Further, iFun Screen Recorder PRO supports multiple displays & you can capture every detail and cut off every interference.

3 iFun Screen Recorder 1 screen size settings

Recording Screen Size Settings



Add Facecam Overlay

iFun Screen Recorder PRO allows you to add a webcam video of yourself on the video that you are recording. You can go to settings > Webcam & select the webcam if you have many. It gives you a square shape image overlay & you can change the sizes as small, medium, & larger. It’s free to move & you can change the position as you wish.

4 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Webcam Settings

Webcam Settings



Take Screenshots during Recording

You can take screenshots during recording using the hotkey or pressing the capture button. We took some screenshots during playing a video without changing any settings. We are satisfied with them & it can take quality screenshots.

5 iFun Screen Recorder 1 capture settings

Taking Screenshots



Mix Your Own Voice during Recording

iFun Screen Recorder PRO can record the screen with audio from your microphone and speaker simultaneously. You are allowed to take different input combinations freely.

6 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Audio Settings

Audio Settings



Add a Watermark

It allows you to add a text watermark to your screen recordings. You can go to settings > Record & enter your text. It is also available on the home interface.

However, there are no options to change the watermark size or add an image watermark.

7 iFun Screen Recorder 1 watermarking settings

Watermark Settings

This is how watermarking looks like. We captured this during playing the video & you can watch the original video from here

7 iFun Screen Recorder 1 watermarking Screenshot Sample min

iFun Screen Recorder PRO Screenshot Sample



Add Mouse Effects

If you go to settings > Record, there are options to add mouse click effects. It will highlight the cursor and adding animation to the mouse click actions.

8 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Mouse click Effects

Mouse Effects Settings




It comes with 3 shortcuts. If you need to change them, go to settings > Hotkeys, delete the current key & press your new key.

9 iFun Screen Recorder 1 hotkeys

Hotkey Settings



Edit Before Saving

iFun Screen Recorder PRO also has a basic video editor that allows you to trim the recordings before you save them. You can cut & remove unnecessary start/end of the recordings.

10 iFun Screen Recorder 1 trim edit

Trim the Record before Saving



Supported Output Formats

iFun Screen Recorder PRO supports a range of file formats to save output recordings. Some important settings to change formats can be seen on the main interface. But if you go to settings > Format, you will see all settings that are relevant to file formats.

11 iFun Screen Recorder 1 output format settings

Output Format Settings



No Lagging during HD Recording

iFun Screen Recorder PRO adopts a GPU Hardware Acceleration Technology to optimize the performance when recording videos. We noticed that its encoder is very good & it optimize the output file size really well. However, we did some movie recordings on Windows 7 PC & experienced some lagging.

12 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Hardware Acceleration

Enable Hardware Acceleration


8Expert Score
iFun Screen Recorder is an ideal screen recorder for anyone who needs a user-friendly interface & good recording performance at the same time. It has a really good video encoder to balance video quality & output file capacity. It allows trimming recordings.
User Interface
Ease of Use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Record mixing your voice
  • Good performance durig HD game recording
  • Cannot set a time to start/end the recording automatically
  • Limited watermarking features

Key Info: iFun Screen Recorder PRO

Supported Platforms
Operating System
Hardware Acceleration




Webcam Overlay


Scheduled Recording


Supported Output Formats



AAC, AC3, FLAC, mp3, WMAW2



Videos: iFun Screen Recorder PRO


iFun Screen Recorder PRO is ideal for almost all screen recordings. For your convenience, we’ll mention some example uses.

How to Use

Install iFun Screen Recorder PRO

Firstly, you need a license code. Will can provide a discounted price to buy a genuine license code. Go to the top of the page & buy first.

Download Installer

Step 01: Download the official installer using the above link

Step 02: Install the program.


How to Activate iFun Screen Recorder PRO?

Steps: Click on Hamburger Icon Register, Enter your license code & click on Register

13 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Activating

Activate iFun Screen Recorder PRO


How Record Your Screen with iFun Screen Recorder PRO?

Step 01: Run iFun Screen Recorder PRO. Default settings are ok but if you need you can change the video size, format, frame rate, quality, audio format, bitrate, etc… from the main interface.

14 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Change Settings

Change Settings before Recording


Step 02: As soon as you click the BIG Red REC button, the recording process will be started. You can use the hotkey as well.

15 iFun Screen Recorder 1 start recording

Start Recording


Step 03: When you finish the recording it will save automatically. It will show you all the recorded videos under Videos tab. You can edit/trim recordings by clicking the edit icon.

16 iFun Screen Recorder 1 Edit Recordings

Edit Recordings


iObit offers good customer service. They provide email support & you can reach them from here if you have any questions about the product.


1. Why there is no sound in my recording?

Firstly, you have to check the audio input device & make sure whether it is working. After that, make sure there is no headset connection to record the system sound. Turn on the microphone during screen recording & check whether the external sound can be collected.

2. Is iFun Screen Recorder PRO safe to use?

iFun Screen Recorder PRO is a screen recorder for Windows (PC) by iObit. The company has a reputation among people over decades. But you have to always make sure to download the installer from the official website or using our links. Because we are authorized partners of iObit. Further, we also did some scans of iFun Installer using It’s completely safe to use & you can check the results from here.

3. What video formats are supported by iFun Screen Recorder PRO?

It supports multiple formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, FLV, MOV, TS, GIF

4. Is iFun Screen Recorder free?

iFun Screen Recorder has a free version. But if you need to feel the power of it, you need to buy a license code. But don’t worry, we can give you a discounted price to buy a genuine license code. Just go to the top of the page & check the offers.

iFun Screen Recorder Free vs Paid

iFun Screen Recorder Free vs Paid

5. Can I record my webcam and screen at the same time?

Surely! You can add a webcam video of yourself to the video that you are recording. It’s useful primarily for instructional purposes, tutorials, and presentations.

6. Does iFun Screen Recorder have a watermark?

Yes, If you have the PRO Version you can change it by going Settings > Record, uncheck the “add a watermark to video”.
If you have the free version, it will add the text “Recorded with iFun Screen Recorder” into the top right corner of your recordings.

7. Does iFun Screen Recorder have a time limit on screen recording?

There is no time limit for recording in the Free or PRO version.

8. Is it illegal to screen record Netflix or Youtube?

You can technically record movies and videos, but it’s not allowed. If you read the terms of service of platforms such as Netflix & YouTube, they have mentioned it – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s illegal, though 🙂

9. Will you be detected on some platforms during screen recording?

Well, It depends on the platform you are recording.
Ex: Snapchat still notifies users when a user records the privately messaged snaps, but some third-party apps can bypass this.

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