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Stellar Drive Monitor is an all-in-one drive monitoring software that checks the overall performance of the storage drives in real time and timely alerts before any failure occurs.
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Stellar Drive Monitor Overview

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Product Name: Stellar Drive Monitor
Official Website
Supported Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8, 7

Stellar Drive Monitor continuously checks your Windows PC’s storage drives’ critical elements such as performance, temperature, and health. It detects and alerts you if it found any anomaly on the hard drives. In this way, you can stay prepared for drive malfunction and avoid any data loss, or corruption.

This hard disk health check software comes with a user-friendly clean design and has tab-based five modules.

Modules of Stellar Drive Monitor

Disk Status

Disk Status module provides real-time drive fitness information such as temperature, performance, and health.

SMART Status

SMART Status with Save Report module provides important information on all the SMART attributes related to the storage drives. This includes seven data columns such as “Raw Read Error Rate”, “Reallocated Sector Count”, “Power On Hours”, “Power Cycle Count”, and “Unknown Attribute”. This also includes a graphical representation for quick reference.

Disk Partition

Disk Partition module provides information such as partition name, total storage capacity, free space percentage, health status, etc.

Scan Disk

Scan Disk module can thoroughly scans a selected drive and identify bad sectors, and then display them in a block table format.

Clone Disk

Clone Disk module helps you to create a replica of any drive by copying all the data to another drive.

Stellar Drive Monitor is equally effective not only for internal drives but also for external storage drives. It supports SATA/PATA disks, SSDs, and USB hard drives.

Features of Stellar Drive Monitor at a Glance

  • Check Disk Status in real-time
  • Check drive’s health level for internal and external storage drives
  • Check SMART Status through seven data attributes
  • Check Disk Partition information
  • Scan Disks to identify Bad Sectors
  • Clone Drives

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