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TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder Plus can find out the duplicate pictures on your PC after analyzing the content in the pictures and performing a series of calculations.
TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder Plus 15.1 Interface

TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder Plus Overview

TriSun Duplicate Photo Finder Plus comes with two ways to find out the duplicate photos on your PC.

01. Find duplicate images by searching

This is the easiest & fastest method but not a proper method for finding duplicate images. In this process, it compares the contents of the files whether they are on the same at the binary level. (It’s like open the two picture files in “Notepad” windows and comparing them character by character). This method can only find out the duplicate pictures that in the same format such as “home.jpg” and “home-bak.jpg”, etc..

02. Find duplicate images by comparison

This method is based on the image contents. In this process, it analyzes the specific people and objects in the images and performs a series of calculations based on their pixels, colors, quality, and many other elements, and find out the duplicate pictures. The result is regardless of image formats, You will be able to find out a duplicate image list like this: “home.jpg”, “home-edited.png”, “home 2.bmp” and “home-bak.jpg”.

The Features

  • Comparing contents in various image formats
  • Built-in high-speed comparison algorithm
  • 1-Click to get result
  • Can find out extremely similar images
  • Supported any Sotrage type: Drives / Folders / Flash Drives
  • Save / Load the Duplicate Files Listing
  • Supports all Common Picture Types (1000+ Types)
  • Helpful Options: Smart Selection, Sub Folders, Hidden Files, Minimum Size, etc.

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