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F‑Secure SAFE is an award-winning internet security suite for both computers and mobile devices. It offers protection of Antivirus, Browsing, Banking, and Parental control.
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F‑Secure Internet Security (Windows) Overview

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  • Product Name: F‑Secure Internet Security
  • Official Website: www.f-secure.com
  • Supported Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8

F-Secure SAFE helps you to safeguard your online activities and digital assets against a wide array of cyber threats. The solution offers a range of features that cater to different aspects of internet security, including virus protection, password vault, privacy VPN, ID monitoring, secure browsing, and more.

Virus and Ransomware Protection

This core functionality defends your computer against viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, trojans, worms, and other types of malicious software. It ensures that your PC is safeguarded from potential threats that may compromise your data and privacy.

F‑Secure Internet Security 2024 AntiVirus
  • Real-Time Protection: the software continuously monitors your system for different types of malicious programs and activities. Using advanced detection techniques, it identifies known or emerging threats and neutralizes them in real-time.
  • DeepGuard: this function verifies the application safety using the trusted cloud service when you run them. If the safety cannot be verified, it monitors the behavior of applications to detect suspicious activities. In this way, it can block zero-day attacks and other sophisticated threats that traditional signature-based detection might miss.
  • Ransomware Protection: The software monitors your system for any attempts to encrypt files and immediately blocks these actions.
  • Tamper Protection: This feature prevents harmful applications that try to alter the security settings and configurations of the PC.

Security Cloud: F‑Secure has a cloud-based threat analysis system that continuously collects data from millions of devices worldwide to identify new threats. This collective intelligence ensures that F‑Secure Internet Security is always up-to-date with the latest threat information.

Browsing Protection

Browsing Protection is a key feature that ensures a safe and secure web experience for you. If a website is suspected of containing malware, phishing attempts, or other threats, Browsing Protection will warn you before you access it.

F‑Secure Internet Security 2024 SB

It also has a feature called Banking Protection that is specialized in securing your online financial transactions. When you access your bank’s website or online banking portal, Banking Protection may activate a secure browsing environment.

Besides, F‑Secure Internet Security comes with an Ad Blocker feature that blocks advertisements from loading on websites you visit.

Browser Extension: You may consider integrating with the F‑Secure browser extension to activate the best security on your Browser. It’s available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Other Privacy & Security Feature

F‑Secure Internet Security provides some other to improve your privacy and security.

  • Password Vault: Stores your passwords securely and helps you manage them across different devices.
  • ID Monitoring: Keeps an eye on the web for any leaks of your personal information, such as your email address or credit card details.
  • VPN: Encrypts your internet connection and hides your IP address for secure and private browsing, especially on public Wi-Fi.
F‑Secure Internet Security 2024 - VPN

These features of F‑Secure Internet Security work together to provide a comprehensive and secure online experience for you. It available for Windows, Mac, iOS devices, and Android devices.

Key Features

  • Antivirus and ransowmware protection using multi-layered security
  • DeepGuard function Monitors application behaviour in real-time to block zero-day attacks
  • Utilizes a cloud-based threat analysis system to protect against the latest threats
  • Secures online financial transactions by creating a safe browsing environment
  • Ad Blocker that block intrusive and potentially harmful advertisements
  • Parental Control features to monitor and manage their children’s online activities
  • Gaming Mode for smooth gaming and streaming experience
  • VPN feature (Virtual Private Network) for secure browsing on public Wi-Fi
  • Killswitch feature that automatically disconnects the internet connection if the VPN connection drops to prevent data leaks

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