How to get paid software for free?

Do you know you can get the full version of paid software for free? It's 100% legit & you don't need to risk your life installing CRACK versions!

If you still Google to find a cracked version of specific software, you are in serious trouble. In 2024, it’s not like before! You are seriously vulnerable to ransomware attacks. You don’t need to find cracks for everything. We’ll tell you how to get a genuine license key to activate your windows & mac software for free.

You can get a genuine license key for any software via giveaway!

This is the best way



What is Software Giveaway?

Big companies provide giveaway license codes for their software products. Basically, you can download the trial version from the official website, install and activate using the giveaway license key. Sometimes, the vendor creates a special installer for the giveaway.

Why do the vendors provide giveaway licenses?

There are several reasons why; the main reason is to quickly expand their user base and build with feedback from users. Another thing is to spread awareness for the software product and grow the company into a booming business in no time!

Most of the time you can find the giveaway license keys for every product. If you are unable to find it, at least you can find alternative software which is available a giveaway license.


How to get a genuine license key to activate your software?

There are some legit software giveaway websites that provide giveaway license codes to activate the software.


What are the daily software giveaway sites?

We provide daily software giveaways on our website. If you check our website, you will find many giveaways. More importantly, we never spam you! There are some legit software giveaway websites. But you need to be aware, that some of them send annoying emails frequently which is not good.


What are the disadvantages of a giveaway license?

There are advantages as well disadvantages when you activate using a giveaway license.

  • 100% genuine license
  • Use full features without paying money
  • No free technical support
  • No free updates for future versions
  • Cannot activate after ends the giveaway period
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