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PC Startup Master Pro is a PC optimizer software designed to manage and optimize startup Windows apps for Improving PC performance.
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PC Startup Master Pro Overview

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  • Product Name: PC Startup Master 4 Pro
  • Official Website: www.smartpcutilities.com
  • Supported Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8.1/8

PC Startup Master Pro helps you to get more control over the startup program on your Windows system. So, you can manage the programs that launch when your PC starts, ensuring a swifter and more streamlined boot-up experience.

PC Startup Master Pro offers three main modules to manage auto-start programs/services on Windows.

Managing Stratup Programs

This function lists all the programs set to start automatically when the computer boots, including applications, services, and drivers. It also provides detailed information about each such as its file path, source, and impact on system resources.

Users can enable, disable, or delay the programs that are listed here.

PC Startup Master 4v SP
Enable/Disable Programs:
You can selectively enable or disable certain programs from starting up. Disabling non-essential programs can speed up the boot time and improve overall system performance.
Delaying Startup Programs:
Instead of completely stopping a program from starting, you can delay the start of certain programs as well. Then, the program will be launched a few minutes after boot, reducing the initial load on the system.
Adding or Removing Programs:
If you were unable to find a specific program on the list, you can add it manually to the program. Or remove the existing one as well. This is useful for ensuring important applications start immediately upon booting.

You are not blindly and randomly disabling listed programs here.

PC Startup Master Pro includes safety features to prevent disabling essential system services and security features. Besides, it also alerts users about potentially malicious startup programs.

Managing Windows Services

Windows Services are the background processes that typically start when the computer boots up and run silently without user intervention. They are essential for the operating system and various applications to function properly.

PC Startup Master 4v WS

But, some of them are not necessary and can be disabled. The program offers functions for this.

  • Start, Stop, Pause, or Resume Services: Users can manually start, stop, pause, or resume any service. This is useful for troubleshooting or temporarily freeing up system resources.
  • Service Properties: Provides detailed information about each service, including its description, status (running, stopped, etc.), startup type, and the path to its executable file.
  • Search and Filter Options: Helps users to quickly find specific services using search or filter options, making it easier to manage a large number of services.

By disabling unnecessary or resource-heavy services, you can potentially improve system performance and reduce boot times.

Managing Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks are automated tasks set to run at specific times or in response to certain events. With this function, you can view and manage all the tasks scheduled in the Windows Task Scheduler.

PC Startup Master 4v ST

Users can select any task from the list, and enable or disable them. Besides, if you find any no longer needed tasks here, you can select them and delete them.

Users can potentially improve system performance, especially by disabling non-essential tasks that consume resources.

Key Features

  • Manage and optimize applications that automatically start when the PC boots up
  • Enables users to delay the initiation of certain startup applications to reduce boot time
  • Startup Guard that monitors and protects against unauthorized changes to startup item
  • Allows users to control, optimize, and schedule Windows Services and Tasks
  • Two themes; Dark and Light for changing appearance

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Supported OSWindows 10, 8.1/8, 7, Vista

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