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QILING Disk Master Professional is a multifunctional disk management software for PCs. It comes with data backup, disk partition, virtual disks, and operating system disaster recovery tools.
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The software


QILING Disk Master Professional Overview

Product Name: QILING Disk Master Professional
Official Website: https://www.idiskhome.com/
Supported Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7

QILING Disk Master Professional offers you more than 30 tools for data security and system restoration needs. The software has four main tabs and each addresses different data management tasks.

Backup & Recovery Module

The backup and recovery module contains all the tools that you need for comprehensive data protection and swift recovery in case of data loss. You can create backups in full, incremental, and differential methods.

QILING Disk Master Professional - Backup & Recovery
  • System Backup: allows creating a complete snapshot of the entire system including Windows operating system, system settings, installed software, system settings, and user files.
  • Disk/Partition Backup: this method involves block-level disk imaging of entire hard drives or specific partitions. 
  • File Backup: users can selectively target specific files or folders to backup more frequently and quickly. It also supports network-shared files.
  • File Sync: this option ensures that copies of files in two or more locations are updated through synchronization.
  • File zip: users can compress files, and folders (including network shared files) into a ZIP file to reduce the storage space.

Restoration: To initiate a restoration, the user needs to select the desired backup from a list of available backups. Then, Disk Master Professional provides a wizard to restore the data to its original location (or to a new destination).

Disk Management Module

Qiling Disk Master Pro includes a range of powerful tools designed to manage and fix hard drive-related problems. 

QILING Disk Master Professional - Disk Management
  • Partition Move/Resize: allows changing the size of existing partitions or moving them on the disk without losing data.
  • Format: users prepare a partition for new use by erasing all the data on it and setting up a file system (such as NTFS, FAT32, or exFAT)
  • Remove Active: this option is used to deactivate the active status of a partition that is set as bootable.
  • Partition Recovery: this function enables retrieving lost or deleted partitions that are not visible or accessible on the system anymore.
  • Surface Test: The surface test tool checks for bad sectors on a hard disk and assesses its overall health.
  • Convert between GPT/MBR: users can switch a disk’s partition style between GPT and MBR without causing any system issues.

Creating on-the-fly-encrypted Virtual Disks

You can create on-the-fly-encrypted virtual disks to protect your sensitive files/data. This virtual disk resides in a file and can be mounted as a virtual disk. When you access the virtual disk, the data on it will be automatically encrypted/decrypted on the fly.

QILING Disk Master Pro 7 VD

You can also add password protection to the image file with strong encryptions to prevent unauthorized access.

QILING Disk Master Professional also includes a tool called RAM Disk which allows the setup of a virtual disk using the system’s RAM for ultra-fast data access and processing.

Key Features

  • Convert hard drive partitions between GPT and MBR
  • Create Bootable Media (USB drive or CD/DVD) as a pre-OS recovery environment
  • Partition Manager tools to create, delete, resize, and format disk drives.
  • Setup Virtual Disk Images to emulate a physical disk for testing or software
  • Disk Backup functions to copy all the data from disks
  • Disk Clone function to create a replica of one disk onto another
  • Disk Health tool to monitor the status and integrity of a hard drive
  • Surface Test tool to check for bad sectors or physical damage on a disk
  • File Shredder tool to securely erase data, ensuring no way of recovery
  • Repairs common boot issues to help start an unresponsive system 
  • IP Settings to configure Internet Protocol settings for networking devices 
  • Partition Recovery tools to recover lost or deleted disk partitions 
  • Enables connection to an iSCSI network storage device

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License TypeLifetime License
Supported OSWindows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista

QILING Disk Master Professional FREE Keys & Giveaway License Activation Steps

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PRO License FAQs

What is QILING Disk Master Pro Giveaway License?

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