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VovSoft Text Edit Plus is a lightweight text editor program that comes with helpful features for creating or editing documents.
VovSoft Text Edit Plus 8.8 Interface

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VovSoft Text Edit Plus Overview

Product Name: VovSoft Text Edit Plus
Official Website: https://vovsoft.com/
Supported Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Text Edit Plus helps you to work with text documents in all kinds of text editing and creating scenarios. The program offers a wide range of rich features (doesn’t include in a regular text editor) like multiple tabs, syntax highlighter, text analysis, spell checker, and more.

Text Edit Plus comes with a clean and simple interface that’s very easy to grasp for beginners.

VovSoft Text Edit Plus 13 CD

VovSoft Text Edit Plus Functions

  • Text Editing: the program primarily designed for text editing. It supports all the text editing functions like cut, copy, paste, find, and undo. Users can also edit documents with other languages like PHP, html, C++, SQL, XML, and more.
  • Search and Replace: the application includes a robust search and replace feature, which allows users to find specific text strings within documents and replace them as needed.
  • Spell Check: it automatically detects and highlights spelling errors within a document. It compares words in the document against a dictionary of correctly spelled words and suggests corrections for any identified errors.
  • Syntax Highlighting: it provides syntax highlighting for a wide range of programming languages and markup languages. With color coding, it make keywords, variables, comments, and other code components stand out, improving code readability and helping users spot errors more easily.
  • Multiple Document: Text Edit Plus allows users to work with multiple documents simultaneously, each in its own tab. This can help streamline workflow when working with multiple files.

Image to ASCII Art Generator

ASCII art is a form of visual representation where images are recreated using characters from the ASCII character set, creating a unique and artistic text-based rendering of the original image.

VovSoft Text Edit Plus 13 ASCII

This program allows you to convert images into beautiful ASCII art with a few clicks.

This feature is often used for creative or aesthetic purposes, allowing users to transform images into a stylized and text-based format that can be displayed in a text editor or shared as art.

Appearance Customization with Dark Mode

Users can customize the appearance and behavior of the text editor. This includes options to change the color scheme, fonts, and other visual elements to suit personal preferences.

The Features of VovSoft Text Edit Plus at a Glance

  • Robust editing options for text documents
  • Multiple document support with tabbed interface
  • Customizable appearance with support for changing color schemes and fonts
  • Syntax highlighting feature for various programming languages
  • Create text ASCII arts from images
  • Spell checker to find and correct spelling mistakes
  • Options to generate e-mail lists
  • Full-screen edit view support

Getting started with VovSoft Text Edit Plus

giveaway vs paid

Full License Comparison

You can activate VovSoft Text Edit Plus full version legally in two ways. The first method is using a paid license key. Or you can try a giveaway license code to activate the Full features. There are some limitations/restrictions when you activate the full version using a giveaway license.

VovSoft Text Edit PlusLicense Comparison
Use Full FeaturesUse full version without any limitations/restrictions
Free UpdatesProgram will update automatically
Free Technical SupportThey will provide extended priority support
Reactivate AnytimeIf you format your pc, reactivate without any issue
No nag screen, No ADsYou may be seen some ADs during running the application

To get rid of giveaway terms

Get Paid Version

VovSoft Text Edit Plus License Lifetime / 1 PC

Latest Version
Free Updates for Lifetime
Free Technical Support by VovSoft
The discounted coupon will be applied automatically at the checkout page.
VovSoft universal license buy
✔ Latest Version
✔ Include 57+ programs
✔ Free Updates for Lifetime
✔ Free Technical Support by VovSoft
✔ Covered by VovSoft Refund Policy
When you click on the BUY NOW button, the price-reduction code will be activated automatically at the checkout page.

Steps to

Activate FREE License

VovSoft Text Edit Plus Giveaway License Terms

License TypeLifetime License
Supported OSWindows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP (32-bit and 64-bit)

VovSoft Text Edit Plus FREE Key Giveaway License Activation Steps

You may view the slider images for additional help.
Download the official installer using the below link
Install the program
Run the application and click on “Help” > “Edit License”
Activate the program using the below giveaway code
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Activation Possibility
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  • Only work for new users
  • If you update the giveaway license, it may become unregistered
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